Saturday, 10 February 2007

My first attempt at a blog. hmm.... what to write...
I'm sitting here beside myself with excitement after buying my first spinning wheel, a Louet from Hans and Gerrie at Lowlands Legacy . I've no idea why now, only that I know from experience that working with fibres soothes me in a way nothing else does. I'm not exactly a beginner, but it's so long since I first sat down at a wheel (20 years) that I may as well be. I've spent some time handspindling lately and I'm finding that I need more speed, to achieve more, to be able to go places the handspindle can't (though the results of my work have been more than pleasing)
As you can see I'm a bit driven when it comes to crafts, I love the challenge of the difficult stuff, things that not everyone can do, and I'm very into traditional stuff, things that are a bit fiddly so there'll be a lot more of my adventures to come