Tuesday, 13 February 2007

I have wool(and chickenpox)

Got a lovely squidgy parcel from Kimberly-Jane this morning, a Kilo of BFL roving which I've had to keep my hands off- My wheel will be on it's way and if I'd started spindling there won't be any left when it arrives
I've ordered a pile of Kool aid from Mark at koolaid uk , topping up my grape and all the blues and greens(why is most of it red?) and some shetland from bluefaced.
I got a lovely surprise at the weekend, my Mum got her knitting needles out (inspired by a sample in Heath's shop) and knitted me a fantastic long cardigan/duffle coat - She's not picked up needles for 30 years and she has had loads of surgery on her hands so it's a real achievement and the best birthday present for years.
We have chickenpox - number 2 son (the 'difficult' middle child) was escorted into our bedroom this morning by his big brother who announced that Phil had chickenpox 'look mum' and indeed he has, poor little soul- so that's me in for a night shift