Thursday, 24 July 2008

Freebie #3 - the packages!

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Here they are, I eventually managed to save them properly (did them as png's -whoops- no layers to play with) They are tiffs so you can create a new image and drag them in-I've included stitches and staples on each of the files so there's a choice. Feel free to do what you will with them, I really enjoyed playing, but settled on the austere manilla card look, after trying out a few textures.
try changing text or a doodle to a pattern , you can get a great embossed effect if you use bevel and emboss/texture with it, or just fiddle with the sliders to change the colouring, use one of your papers as a pattern fill on the header, stick an eyelet or ribbon in the hole, whatever you want! All I ask is that you give me credit.
Don't know what i'll be doing next -i've a bunch of colour schemes worked out and am waiting for the inspiration fairy to sprinkle her dust on me, I've got something in mind for after our hols which should please all those motorbike mad OH's and sons, but it'll be a biggie and probably set free in bits lol!
thanks to everyone who has downloaded #2 - I'm really chuffed so many of you like it!

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