Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Back Home!!!

Wow! we've just got back from our holiday after the most hellish journey imaginable, it should have been 31/2 hours drive, but roadworks on the south circular,M25 and the M1 added another 3 hours, we were all absolutely whacked and nigel and I still had to pull the caravan onto the drive and unpack the essential items (including a huge bin bag full of washing.....) . I was hoping to have some wonderful photos to show you all , but a water bottle accident at Legoland put paid to that - the only photo on my card will be a view of heathrow and windsor castle, taken by thomas shortly before he shoved the camera into my bag instead of giving it to me :( .
The London part of the trip was exhausting but great, oddly for people born and brought up in the countryside, Nigel and I love the bustle of cities, the only bone of contention is him not liking museums- he truly has the attention span of a goldfish lol! This time we revisited the science museum, now the the launchpad has been reworked- it's superb, great fun for the kids, and then spent most of yesterday at Tate Modern - I introduced the kids to surrealism, which is difficult, they related much better to the pop art rooms, and to the installations(Philip related a bit too well to Daniel Ortega's 'Skins' so we had to beat a hasty retreat - oops!).
anyway I'll finish raving about that tomorrow!
night night!

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