Friday, 15 May 2009

Who would you do?

After reading a strange, onesided exchange on twitter this morning, i decided I'd follow it up. The exchange between @neilhimself and@traveleish was regarding This Poll . It got me to wondering what a similar list for UK birds(and anglophiles) would be like, some would be the same, I'd guess, but there'd be some culturally significant differences, based on what I've seen when the question has come up on forums

Unlikely blokes you'd do:

1. Eddie Izzard- in or out of drag
2. Alan Rickman
3. Hugh Laurie
4. Stewart Lee
5. David Baddiell
6. Sam Elliott
7. Phill Jupitus
8. Bill Bailey
9. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack
10. Philip Glenister
11. Marco Pierre White
12. Neil Gaiman
13. Adrian Chiles

I'm sure theres more, suggestions welcome! ;)

Blokes your SO thinks you'd do , but actually, no thanks:

1. Russell Brand
2. David Walliams
3. Russell Crowe
4. Tom Cruise
5. Frank Skinner (on the basis he's the one another bloke would think of if he was thinking 'unlikely'
6. Jonathan Ross
7. David Beckham
8.Gary Lineker
9. any member of Duran Duran
10. Damon Albarn

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