Sunday, 18 February 2007

interesting week

oh the joy of families. not content with one poorly person in the house, my Eldest has decided to get stomach flu, so that'll be two not going to school tomorrow :(
I've had to attack the fleece- it's no good, couldn't resist and spun up half a blob of the BFL into wool for one of my nieces to knit a felted purse (they both had their birthdays and i made them both a knitting bag with a couple of put together kits in) and i had a go at some Shetland, I got 170 plus metres from 100g and I'm going to dye it and navaho ply it to get a soft candy cane effect . I'm in the middle of doing the same to a ball of the BFL but had to stop because of waking up with a horribly painful eye, probably caused by trying to catch a pyrex plate shoved off the table by my darling daughter.I was a bit close when it exploded into shards and must have picked up a scratch which showed itself this morning, the nurse in A+E was really good , even though i swore loudly when he put drops in my eye - It's getting better but getting fluff in it wouldn't be a good idea methinks
I've got photos of my latest experiments but don't have time to put them up until tomorrow night when DH is back at work

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