Wednesday, 21 February 2007

it's here

My wheel has come! had to test it out so i put on the new bits that they'd supplied and had a go -after a small disaster when all the old hooks snapped off so I had to grind them smooth and drill new holes for the new ones(louet hooks are staggered so I reversed it) . Sat last night and managed 100g of shetland while watching Life on mars (174 yds!) and then did 100g of the BFL which was a bit trickier until I learned to hold it so that it didn't break off.
I'm going to take the dark stain off as it was a bit amateur and very worn, It seems to be sadolin!
underneath the original laquer is intact so its sort of sitting there.
I'm definately going to add some photo's later, sick kids have meant no time to do it

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